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4210 / 4216 / 4226 VWS – starter track PVC PREMIUM

  • thermal bridge free plinth weatheringstarter track PVC PREMIUM
  • flexible use for insulation thicknesses of 100 - 160 mm / 180 - 240 mm
  • little place requirement in stock as only 3 profiles for 100 - 160 mm  / 180 - 240 mm
  • easy installation of the base track by standard hole pattern for wall mounting
  • no interfering mesh flag when setting the insulation board
  • easy insertion of the combined bellcast bead through an optimal notch on the PVC base profile
  • mounting without connection pieces for starter tracks by shifted assembling of the two profiles
  • neatly plaster completion by extraction of the combined bellcast bead
  • optimal plaster fixation by mesh flag of the combined bellcast bead

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6010 / 6014 AQUAPANEL®

The VWS – Profile system FZP 125 offers a complete assortment of plaster profiles for aesthetic and durable rustproof connection and completion fibre cement panels (FZP).
The connection to adjacent components is thereby through the combination of basic profiles (6010) with different slot-beads
 (6011-14) easily, quickly and neatly to plaster.
When assembling, pay attention to:
Before installing the panel the basic profile is put on the cement board.
The long blade of the basic profile is secured to the fixture through the mounting screw with the cement board to the substructure.
Depending on the mounting position the appropriated clip-on profile is inserted into the slot of the basic profile for plastering.
The splicing of the basic profile are covered by a minimum displacement of 10 cm of the respective clip-on profiles.

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6448 / 6458 Reval Bead DYNAMIK

  • High three dimensional movement acceptance by improved geometry of the hollow chamber.
  • Optimal pushing by integrated punching tool in the hollow chamber.
  • Very good connection to the plaster by the ribbed and punched bar.
  • Wide strip for the safe sticking of a protection foil.
  • New imperishable and reliable mounting of the mesh.
  • Aesthetic connection to bordering units by minor panel thickness of the plaster blade.

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6485 Dripnose Bead EXKLUSIV

  • Approved geometry of the profile with extractions for base and final coat.
  • Improved extraction for the rear side.
  • Controlled aquifer system on the dripnose bead causes a drip down of driving rain.
  • Elegant design of the profile, thereby is the back view more discreet at high stability.
  • Very good plaster fixation by punched bar and the corrugation at the acceptance of the plaster.
  • New imperishable and reliable mesh fixation.
  • Mesh goes unto the extraction for the base coat.
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